Any environment,
Any object,

A highly flexible and cost-effective mobile manipulator for automating case flows.


Flexible automation enables smoother operations

Safer warehouse

Reduce dock injuries and create a safer environment for your employees

AI driven vision

AI and ML driven vision algorithms continuously learn based on your own products

Reduced labor requirement

Increase supply chain resilience and achieve a RoI in 12 months or less

No onsite modification or integration

Scalable solution with no change in the existing warehouse structure or IT systems

Improved freight management

Track data for transparent loading and unloading

Reliable robotics

Combining AI software with proven off the shelf hardware increases reliability and ensures capability


Software and Hardware

A comprehensive solution including both cutting-edge robot hardware and advanced AI software to deliver performance for our customers.


Best paper awards and finalists


Publications in top proceedings


Citations from peers


Patents in robotics

Top-Tier Team

Group of experts in robotics, AI, and autonomy.
Five time winners of Best Paper Awards and Finalists.

Backed by

Top VCs and Investors

We have secured funding and are backed by top VCs. We're expanding our team rapidly to meet the fast-growing demand in the marketplace.


A game changer for operations.

Our robot excels in random and unstructured environments. With 2x efficiency compared to human workers and 24/7 durability, our robots can dramatically improve your warehouse’ throughput.